Game of E-Commerce Thrones Weekly Update – May 18-May 22 Edition

May 22, 2015

ChannelAdvisor Scot Wingo By Scot Wingo


Last Friday evening the WSJ blew up the e-commerce World by publishing this piece about the possible rollout of Google’s Buy Button on PLA (we call that a marketplace).  We have coverage of all the opinions and thoughts on this in the Google section, BUT that wasn’t all the e-commerce news this week.


Alibaba had a slow week this week.


  • Alibaba-backed service provider to Tmall, Bouzun, had an IPO this week. (details here)





  • A crafty reporter discovered that in NYC for Amazon Prime Now, the 1hr delivery service, sometimes the couriers are taking the subway to bypass traffic.  (details here)
  • A survey company believes that Amazon has 41m prime members now and that they spend 50% more than non-prime consumers.  (details here).
  • Amazon emailed top Etsy sellers about a new marketplace for handmade products that looks like it will compete head-on with Etsy called Handmade.  (details here).



  • Apple quietly expanded Apple Pay in the US to Express and Trader Joes.  (details here).
  • There are rumors that Apple Pay may launch in Europe much sooner than expected.  (details here).





  • eBay expanded their global shipping program in the UK to add 12 more countries.  (details here).
  • In Germany, eBay is working on a pilot of an Amazon Prime competitor, called eBay+.  (details here).



  • Facebook’s CFO mentioned in a conversation with Wall St. that WhatsApp may add B2C (ChatCommerce) functionality down the road. (details here).


egot_goog_knightAs mentioned in the beginning, there was a lot of excitement around the Google Marketplace/buy buttons:

  • At ChannelAdvisor, we shared our thoughts here.
  • Econsultancy had an an interesting take here.
  • Finally, Re/Code had some interesting perspective tying the launch to executive departures, detailed here.
  • Google also released PLAs that can be shown inside YouTube videos.  (details here).

Other news of interest (contenders and the 5 battlefields of changing consumer behavior)

  • Walmart announced their Q1 results and e-commerce was the highlight with 17% y/y growth.  Walmart said they will be investing ~$200m in their e-commerce efforts. (details here).
  • E-Commerce grew 15% in Q1. (details here).
  • A survey of Pinterest users showed a large affinity with e-commerce amongst Pinterest users.  (details here).
  • Pinterest is also testing cinematic pins, an interesting new approach to Pinterest ads.  (details here).
  • FlipKart, a top marketplace in India, is raising capital at a $15 valuation.  (details here).
  • Jet continued to generate a ton of press with this piece diving into how disruptive Jet could be to e-commerce. (details here).

This blog post was written by Scot Wingo, Executive Chairman and Co-founder, ChannelAdvisor.