Game of E-Commerce Thrones Weekly Update – June 8- June 12 Edition

June 12, 2015

ChannelAdvisor Scot Wingo By Scot Wingo


The big event this week was Apple’s developer conference called WWDC.  Apple announced three new OSs (OS 9, OS X – El Capitan, Watch OS 2) and, from an e-commerce perspective, some interesting Apple Pay news that we have summarized below in the Apple section.  The rest of the contenders for the Game of E-commerce Thrones were quite active this week as well:



  • Alibaba’s Executive Chairman and Founder, Jack Ma, came to the US to recruit SMBs that are interested in selling into China from a CBT perspective. The WSJ’s coverage focused on Ma saying that Alibaba is not interested in competing with eBay and Amazon in the US.egot_ali_knight
  • The coverage from Internet Retailer and Fortune was interesting as well and focused more on the CBT opportunity for SMBs.
  • Alibaba has a new focus on reducing counterfeit goods as detailed here by the WSJ ($).




  • Amazon had some summer fun by promoting the Minions movie for a 2-4 day period on their boxes.
  • In fulfillment center news, Amazon announced their fourth Texas FC.
  • With Amazon taking taxes in Ohio now, 7/9 US customers pay taxes on the platform.
  • India is a huge area of investment for Amazon, and they announced a new global selling program for Indian sellers to be able to export to other Amazon countries.



  • egot_apple_knightThe WWDC announcements related to Apple Pay were around retailers’ loyalty cards being accepted and new retailer announcements.  Also in the app store, those apps that accept Apple Pay will have a logo that helps them standout.
  • Square is set to launch a new device that is Apple Pay friendly.
  • Apple also announced that Apple Pay will launch in the UK soon.







  • eBay had a big week as they met with Wall St. in front of the ‘separation,’ which looks like it is going to be in the early Q3 timeframe (some analysts saying July).  Wall St. was largely disappointed by the 0-5% growth rate projections through 2016.  Large sellers were concerned about eBay’s focus on the individual/very small seller.
  • eBay released an Apple Watch app and updated its other mobile apps.
  • eBay Korea published some interesting stats about the top exports.



  • Facebook is giving away free Beacons to retailers that participate in the Place Tips program.
  • Facebook also announced they are expanding their Buy button program, which is only available to Shopify users.




egot_goog_knightGoogle was quiet this week on the e-commerce front.

Other news of interest (contenders and the 5 battlefields of changing consumer behavior)

  • Steve Case had an interesting editorial that talked about the third wave of the web (Zero Friction).
  • If you missed the annual Mary Meeker deck, or just haven’t had time to walk through it, she published a video with highlights that is a good watch.
  • People are going nuts over the Gogoro – remember you heard about it here first.
  • Finally, an EU retailer is investing in humanoid robots that they want to take over warehouse jobs from humans.


This blog post was written by Scot Wingo, Executive Chairman and Co-founder, ChannelAdvisor.