First sightings of the eTRS badge in the wild. Buy from the Best…

August 6, 2009

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We started getting some reports of the eBay Top Rated Seller badges showing up on public pages on eBay today.  The badges are showing up on what we call the ‘item page’ in the eBay World and they are pretty big and over to the right of a seller’s ID if the seller meets the criteria already.  Here’s an example: (click for expanded view)

There’s a link above the badge that says “Top-rated seller” and then the hover text says: “Get fast shipping and excellent service from eBay top-rated sellers.”
When you click on the link above the badge it takes you here (screen shotted in case the treatment changes). (click for expanded view)
I’m all for raising the bar, but some a couple of concerns now that we can see the buyer-side of this program:
  • I do worry that if only let’s say 25-30% of eBay sellers can get in this program, what does that make the rest of sellers?  Will buyers assume they are low-rated or not trustworthy in some regard? Could this program back-fire on eBay because buyers think there are more ‘bad guys’ on eBay than ‘good guys’?
    •  Perhaps a FAQ that says: “What should I do if a seller isn’t Top-rated? would be helpful
  • The message on the second screen shot is a little tricky, especially this piece:
    •  Top-rated sellers Must consistently earh 4 or 5 star ratings from buyers for blah blah.
    • Well…… that’s not really true is it?  You really need to NOT earn one/two stars to be in the program.  This sounds nit-picky, but I think eBay needs to let buyers know that when they leave a one or two-star it is essentially a SERIOUS NEGATIVE economic event for a seller in this new eTRS World.
  • Nit – eBay isn’t being consistent in the capitalization of the T – in the hover text it is lower-case, in other places it is upper, etc.
Those are my initial thoughts, I’m more interested in what reader’s have to say!  Love it, hate it, can’t decide?  Let me know in comments please.
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