eBay’s largest volume seller has 2 million reasons to celebrate!

October 11, 2010

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eBay’s largest (volume) seller, eForcity, hit 2m feedback recently.  eForcity’s leader Jack Sheng is a great entrepreneurial story of someone identifying a need in the market and working at it relentlessly to build it into a very large and successful enterprise.  The story has been told in a number of places, so I wanted to focus on the more recent future. But first, check out this picture of the second they hit the 2m feedback mark: (click to enlarge)


In November of 2008, eforcity hit the 1m feedback mark after working on it eight years.  Now,only  two years later they are at 2m in feedback.  Here’s details on this accomplishment by the numbers:

  • 1,370 – average daily feedback over that 2 year period
  • 99,702 – the number of listings eForcity has at the time of this writing
  • 35,000 – The number of positives that eForcity has had in the last month
  • 93,378 – The number of pages of feedback eForcity has on their feedback page!

Why/how has eforcity accelerated?  Well, the eBay changes over the last two years have really allowed to them to open up and sell more fixed-price items and take advantage of promotions like Deal of the Day that can drive thousands of units/day.

eForcity is a ChannelAdvisor customer and we really enjoy working with the team. They put our software (and hardware) through some major paces to handle this type of volume and we love that because we know that if we can handle the volume at eForcity, we can handle anything anyone else throws at us.

Congratulations to Jack and the entire eForcity team on reaching a tremendous milestone.

P.S. It’s a little known fact, but eBay even has a conference room named after Jack@eforcity->


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