eBay UK looks to jump-start Variation Style Listings (VSL) with free listing promo

July 31, 2009

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eBay UK just announced a tremendous promotion if you are an apparel or home and garden seller. They are offering free listing fees for all of August and September for VSL.  We’ve seen some free listing promos over the years that last a day and maybe as long as a week with lots of limitations, but never two months.  The savings here could be substantial and in addition to just switching current listings to VSL, it makes sense to put all of your inventory up (maybe even for US folks) and take advantage of the promo.  Here is my initial post on VSL if you aren’t familiar with the new listing type.

We’re really proud at ChannelAdvisor to already have full support for VSL.  We’ve got close to 1000 VSL parent listings live with about 7 children each. So what used to 6000 listings are now 1000.  In the next section, I highlight some live examples.

I’m half way through my blog coverage of VSL and have been working on the last part which will reveal some advanced strategies.  Part of the delay is due to the fact that we’re still gathering data and feedback from users.  There are some increasingly important reasons to move to VSL and this free listing promo points to eBay’s desire to really drive adoption.

One interesting friction point is that the VSL is really really REALLY hard in the eBay tools (turbolister, seller manager and what-not).  Also, I don’t think blackthorne even supports it yet.  If your vendor claims VSL support, ask them to see some live examples.

Live, fresh, non-sandbox VSL Examples

Did I say live examples?  Here are some examples of VSL listings live on the site from ChannelAdvisor customers. This is a random sampling and please note that these are links to currently (7/31/09) listings and if you are looking at this they could very well be ended listings, but they are live as of the post date.

Thanks to these early-adopter customers for helping us (ChannelAdvisor and eBay) work the kinks out of the early VSL system.

SeekingAlpha Disclosure – I am long Google and Amazon.  eBay is an investor in ChannelAdvisor.