eBay Q3 2012 results preview – sellers focused on user+GMV growth

October 16, 2012

ChannelAdvisor ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

eBay is set to announce their Q3 results tomorrow, October 17th after the market closes.  This will be a particularly interesting quarter because as eBay has said they are picking up a lot of new users and comScore recently reported that traffic grew 12% y/y, implying either increased usage from existing users, or a strong pick-up in new users.

Here’s the comScore data as reported in a recent Goldman Sachs report:

If you look in the far right column, you see that unique visitors went up 12% in Q3 2012 compared to Q3 2011.

Here’s our regular quarterly results key metrics tracker preview of items we’ll be watching this quarter.  Of course, we’ll have a seller-focused analysis out shortly after eBay releases:


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