eBay Q2 2014 results preview (seller oriented metrics)

July 15, 2014

ChannelAdvisor Scot Wingo By Scot Wingo

Tomorrow (Wednesday 7/15/14),  eBay will announce Q2 2014 results after the market closes (~4:30pm ET).   In this post we preview the Q2 report and provide an overview of what we will be watching for from a seller’s perspective.

Last quarter, Amazon reported before eBay which was unusual, but due to their battle with Carl Icahn.  This quarter we are back to the normal sequence with eBay going first (7/15/14) and Amazon reporting 12 days later on 7/24/14 (Thursday of next week).

ComScore recently reported that US e-commerce grew at 11.8% y/y for the desktop which translates to 13.1% y/y with mobile included so that is the baseline for 2014 growth.

eBay had a tough quarter with the double whammy of the data breach and Google Panda action.

Our average Q2 SSS increase for eBay’s GMV was 12.6% which is in-line with the comScore e-commerce number and above what Wall St is predicting (9/10%).

eBay Q2 2014 Dashboard

As usual, before the results, we are publishing our dashboard so sellers/retailers can track the relevant pieces of the results:

What else are we looking for?

We’ll be watching for these trends and any comments on these topics:

  • GMV growth for the marketplace (both US and intl) is under the microscope this Q from a Wall St. perspective because that is where any impact from the breach/Panda items is likely to be ‘felt’.
  • Mobile – eBay hasn’t done much new with their mobile strategy on the marketplace side of the house, it will be interesting to see if this strategic area is holding strong or starting to lose some steam.
  • Increased competition – Several Wall St. notes are out citing concerns over increased competition from Amazon, coupon sites, vertical sites, flash sites, and potential competition from the likes of Alibaba.  Everyone will be listening for any interesting comments here.

Stay tuned

Shortly after eBay announces, we will update the dashboard with the actuals to see how they did vs. their guidance, Wall St. expectations and the e-commerce baseline 13% growth rate.

Scot Wingo wrote this blog. He is CEO of ChannelAdvisor.