eBay Q2 2013 results preview (seller oriented metrics)

July 16, 2013

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This week on Wednesday 7/17, eBay announces Q2 results after the markets close.   In this post we preview the Q2 report and provide an overview of what we will be watching for from a seller’s perspective.

Our average Q2 SSS increase for eBay’s GMV was 18.1% which is strong considering comScore reports 16% growth for the part of Q2 they have reported (Apr/May, no June yet).

eBay Q2 Dashboard

As usual, before the results, we are publishing our dashboard so sellers/retailers can track the relevent pieces of the results:


Shortly after eBay announces, we will update the dashboard with the actuals to see how they did vs. their guidance, wall st. expectations and Q1 13.

What else are we looking for?

In addition to the ‘usual suspects’, we’ll be watching for these trends:

  • eBay continues to focus on CBT with their global shipping program.  Sellers are seeing very good results here and it will be interesting to see if eBay calls it out at all.
  • Mobile mobile mobile – eBay likes to reveal some interesting mobile stats which we watch with interest.
  • Any insights into user growth are always of interest
  • Growth rate of top rated sellers vs. above standard sellers.
  • Any changes in mix between US/Domestic and FB/Auctions.

Scot Wingo wrote this blog. He is CEO of ChannelAdvisor.  eBay is an investor in ChannelAdvisor.