eBay Q1 2014 results preview (seller oriented metrics)

April 29, 2014

ChannelAdvisor Scot Wingo By Scot Wingo

Today (Tuesday 4/29/14), eBay announces Q1 2014 results after the market closes (~4:30pm ET).   In this post we preview the Q1 report and provide an overview of what we will be watching for from a seller’s perspective.

This quarter, Amazon reported before eBay, so check Amazon Strategies here to see their key performance measures.

ComScore has Q1 e-commerce growth at 15%, so that’s the bar eBay has to meet/beat to grow faster than e-commerce.  Also:

  • Amazon’s revenue grew 23%
  • Amazon’s GMV for Q1 was $19.75b and the eBay projection is $20.5b, so looking to beat Amazon.
  • Active users for Amazon grew 17% to 244m
  • Amazon paid items grew 23%

Our average Q1 SSS increase for eBay’s GMV was 15.2% which is in-line with the comScore e-commerce number.

eBay Q1 2014 Dashboard

As usual, before the results, we are publishing our dashboard so sellers/retailers can track the relevant pieces of the results:


Shortly after eBay announces, we will update the dashboard with the actuals to see how they did vs. their guidance, Wall St. expectations and the e-commerce baseline 15% growth rate.

What else are we looking for?

In addition to the “usual suspects”, we’ll be watching for these trends:

  • eBay continues to focus on CBT with their Global Shipping Program.  We’ll be watching to see if eBay has any new data points here.
  • Mobile mobile mobile – eBay likes to reveal some interesting mobile stats which we watch with interest.
  • Any insights into user growth are always of interest
  • Growth rate of top-rated sellers vs. above-standard sellers.
  • Weather – in our SSS data, January was slow for eBay and Amazon, it will be interesting to see if eBay discusses this as a weather-related phenomena on the call.

Scot Wingo wrote this blog. He is CEO of ChannelAdvisor.