eBay promoting the new Buyer Protection Program online

April 16, 2010

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I noticed starting yesterday that eBay seems to be doing a pretty significant ‘blanket’ (I’m seeing it on most of the major ad networks) of an online marketing program around the buyer protection program.  They are doing interactive rich media ads.

I’ve seen a couple of treatments:

Spinning shield

The first treatment has the shield logo used in the program that spins around (this definitely catches your eye) and then it has some colour stripes and reveals the “You’re covered by the shield’ message you see here:

The Learn More button takes you to the same ‘about the buyer protection program’ page you are taken to when you click the shield on the site.

Bullet points

The second treatment I’ve seen is more of a bullet pointed list as you see here:

So the key points they are hitting on:

  • Program does not cost extra (Absolutely free!)
  • Quick access to customer support
  • Covers purchase price plus original shipping

Sign of things to come?

eBay has been hinting that they feel they are making big strides in trust and buyer protection.  It’s good to see they are ramping up some exposure here.  I wonder if this is a ramp up to a more serious multimedia (radio/tv/print/online) push that we could see later this year to prep for Q4.

Let me know your thoughts and if you have seen any other ads in comments,

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