eBay ecommerce forum Q+A Notes… II

January 29, 2008

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Q: Buyers know what they are paying, why are we allowing them to vote on the fee they agreed to pay?  We might as well let them vote on the price!
A: (was a little off, didn’t address shipping cost Q), he re-asked. JD fielded.  This gets to the heart of our collective challenge – buyers don’t feel they know about shipping.  Lots of great ideas coming out of the event, we want to look at them.

Q: In the new changes is there a $ limit for the paypal protection.
A: Scott (cool name, too many T’s tho) – There is no ceiling to what’s guaranteed through the ESP program.

Q: Andy@debrnoo – we have a 100% and that has been our identity for years.  Now I have to introduce myself as 100% as 4.9/4.8/4.8/4.6.  When I take a look at how people leave us DRSs they are happy overall, but the ratio of people that leave DSRs is lower than the feedback/transaction ratio.  If DSRs are a measure of satisfaction can we have it where if someone leaves  a positive, but no DSRs can we record a 5.0.
A: LN: That’s a good idea, we should look at it. Rajiv – the goal is to raise our collective bar and avoid anything that is complex and lowers the bar.  We are open and need to work towards the right collective goal (buyers spend more).

Q: Bill@dyscern: 1/3rd of our biz is intl and ranks .5 lower on DSRs for us.  Looking at top 500 sellers by feedback.  Right now in the bar, 7 would qualify, only 4 in the US, 75 would qualify for 5%.  the rest 425 would be below the bar.  People that sell a couple of things are advantaged vs. large volume sellers.
A: 80% have 4.5+ in all DSRs, 60% have 4.6% or above, 15% have 4.8%+  30-day rolling average.

Q: The shipping DSR is too specific, can we have a DSR that says ‘how was your experience with the seller’?
A: Thanks for the idea

Q: michael@collectors warehouse – 100k, 99.6%  4.9/4.9/4.9/4.5 DSRs – we do EVERYTHING within reason, 10yrs of eBay, we don’t qualify for any discounts (clearly upset continues).  I’m being punished for the 10yrs of investment I’ve made on eBay.
A: (no answer)

Q: nateswheels – your data showed that you lose money, but to get my shipping DSR up, I have to increase my core prices vs. S+H.  How much did you guys think of that as you did this (implication is that it’s kind of a hidden fee increase).
A: JD: Our focus is on insuring good buyer experiences.  We’ve decreased our focus on

Q: steve@moviemagicusa – positive on changes.  Concern is around shipping DSR – 4.7 is his.  Retired USMC and this is a problem for him.  I would like to hear some philosophy – I’m hearing a lot around free S+H.  Is there a direction to free S+H?
A: Rajiv: Personally I agree, no such thing as free shipping.  Someone is paying the cost of the shipping. What we have to deal with is the customer expectation on the web today.

Q: jordan@quickship – does anyone use Paypal and multi-order shipping?  Lots of problems.  If you go into blackthorne, none come over, so we have to re-type.
A: Long answer about how paypal has a hard time with shipping labels.

Q: Charlie@gsk – If you compare eBay, the service we give is better than websites.  If I do what amazon does with my clients, I’d be out of business.  The other point is that other sites get higher ASPs, trust is a problem on eBay
A: usual answera

Q: seth@shutter – What is TnS doing, our account that does big GMV has been broken into 4-5 times in the last weeks.  They get in through the livechat functionality. You’ll lose buyers if they are being scammed.
A: MH: Trust is both feedback and pro fraud, which is what was just described.  There was a sitch where some things happened that we shouldn’t let happen.  We’re sorry it did happen, doing a bunch of stuff around account security.

Q: The s+H DSR has come up a lot, in your decision process, when you decided you wanted that to be the same did you think its possible you are giving the buyer too much credit in terms of ability to determine fair shipping?  What if Shipping DSR said “shipping cost as expected.”?
A: LN: The dialog around DSRs is the dialog we want to have.  2/3rds qualify.  That was the intent, we want to have the dialog we’re having.  We did the data analysis based on 8-mos of DSRs, we want to listen, take back and hit the intent.

Q: Matt@streetmoda – multichannel merchant – I shop on half/amazon – can we have a more amazon experience on eBay?
A: Product based search

Q: something about motors

Q: What’s an example of how we’ll be advantaged in search?
A: Hard to answer in 20secs, come to finding breakout.

Q: eBay Givingworks – JD you love it?
A: JD: Yes.