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January 29, 2008

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It’s after lunch here and we’re in a general session that is Q+A about the changes announced this am.  On stage we have JD (CEO), Cobb (retiring), Rajiv (new ebay leader) , Scott (new paypal leader) and Lorrie Norrington (fills in for Bill).

Q: With the FVF on the < $25 tier increasing to 8.25%, will lots of items leave the site?
A: The intent is to listen to you and decrease insertion fees so you have more back-end fees vs. front-end.

Q: What are you doing to bring more buyers.
A: Lorrie: we want to really retain buyers, how do we in get them to do more (mentioned couponing).

Q: Raise your hands if you hit 4.8
A: About 10-20 hands went up.
Follow-up: You missed the number.
Q: 66% of PS’ers  have 4.6 or above 15% of PS’ers have 4.8 on all DSRs
F: We have members that offer free shipping, but have 4.7 DSR on S+H
A: Sellers that get 4.8 and above are being very clear in their listings, vs. offering free S+H

Q: If I have free shipping, why wouldn’t ebay put in an auto 5.0 for me on S+H DSR?
A: (Stephanie T) We are listening and looking at that.

Q: (emovieposter) I’m a .99 no reserve seller, I have 100% feedback, I have 10x feedback repeat business.  I’m seeing a big increase in fees from these changes. The other .99 sellers, jayandmarie/hessfine are going up as well.
A: We like how you sell on eBay and want you on the site. (rajiv echoed)

Q: simon sunshine electronics – Thanks for the changes.  I understand that if we take care of the customer, you’ll help us.  International customers are killing us on DSRs. Did you consider handicapping DSRs for intl sales?
A: LN – This goes back to expectation setting.  Those that are setting expectations clearly are able to move their DSRs up.  If we learn from data that we have an unfair penalty for cross-border-trade that would be great.

Q:Izzy 9000 positive fb.  As seller, where is the trust.  Person wins, does UPI, buyer responds ‘who cares’, leaves seller a negative.  Seller out FVF and gets a neg/dsr hit
A: LN – If you report a buyer, we’ll take care of nuking the neg and comments