eBay announces the “I am eBay” winners. ***Updated….

August 5, 2009

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**Updated – I was incorrect in this blog post.  There are actually two video contests running.  These are the results for an “I am eBay” contest.  There is another contest still ongoing called the “eBay Seller’s Challenge” which has announce finalists here.  That contest will reward $25k to 4 winners and the “I am eBay” awarded $5k. Sorry for any confusion I caused by mixing up the two contests.

Back in June, I blogged about this “ebay sellers challenge” video contest and today eBay has announced the winners today.

The winner is (drum roll please)….
Miriam Otto from Blue Frog Shoes.  You can check out her store here and I’ve embedded her video here:

The runner’s up are:
Jim and Kelli Shaw from dreamadventures: (note: I think they have matching eyewear?)

Finally, I know Kat Simpson and there’s other way to describe her than a whirlwind.  You can see her in action here:

Congrats to everyone! I guess Miriam get’s the $25k.
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