eBay Analyst day cheat sheet

March 11, 2009

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In order to type super-fast during live events, I frequently use acronyms. I’ve gotten feedback from readers that this can be confusing so in front of today’s analyst day, I wanted to put together a quick guide to common acronyms you will see me using today and their meeting. Think of this as glossary of sorts. I’ll link back to this post so you can easily reference it should you get confused by our acronyms. I’ll endeavor to update the post should I hit an acronym

eBay acronyms

  • ASP – Average Selling Price – the price that goods are selling for on eBay. Tends to be in the $40-50 range.
  • CR – Conversion rate – the % of items sold vs. unsold.
  • FP30 – Fixed Price 30 – the newer format that eBay has rolled out.
  • GMV – Gross merchandise value – the value of goods sold in the eBay marketplace

PayPal acronyms

  • PP – short for PayPal
  • TPV – Transaction Payment Volume – the value of goods paid for via
  • BML – Bill Me Later – Company eBay acquired that issues consumer credit on a transaction by transaction basis.

Skype acronyms

  • I’m not really interested in anything to do with Skype so you’ll have to get that elsewhere.

Other acronyms

  • TLA – Three Letter Acronym (recursive 😉

I also tend to abbreviate speakers:

  • JD – John Donahoe – eBay’s CEO – also known as Dennis the Menace internally
  • BS – Bob Swan – CFO – Please don’t infer anything from another phrase that has the same initials – BS.
  • LN – President of eBay Marketplaces global – also known as Mighty Mouse internally
  • ST – Scott Thompson – president of PP
  • MC – Mark Carges – CTO of eBay
  • ST – Stephanie Tlienius – SVP+GM eBay Marketplaces
  • JS – Josh Silverman – runs Skype

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