Early Holiday 2012 SSS Report and news recap for first week of November

November 9, 2012

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Today we are releasing an interim Same Store Sales (SSS) report for the first week of November (November 1-7 2012 compared to November 1-7, 2011 – inclusive).  If you have questions about our SSS methodology and disclaimers, be sure to check our January 2012 post here.

November 1-7 SSS early read on Holiday 2012

The following table has two columns.  On the left is a high-level recap of the October y/y SSS (full report is here).  The right column is the data from the first week of November 2012 (November 1-7 inclusive):


As you can tell the first week of November, showed a slight ~2% slow-down for Amazon, a ~5% slow-down for eBay, a ~10% slow-down for search and a 15% slow-down for CSE.

Digging into the data, we did see a substantial slow-down in the North East region from Hurricane Sandy. As a reminder, Sandy made landfall on October 29th and there are still ~1m residents without basic utilities, persistent gas shortages and other substantial disruptions that we believe have caused the holiday season to get off to a slow start.

In addition to Sandy, we also has the distraction factor from the election.

It’s important to not project too much into one week’s worth of data.  So far it feels like shoppers were distracted at the beginning of the season and we need them to make up for some lost time in the coming weeks.

Now here is a round up of some of the most interesting Holiday 2012 news items for online retailers.