E-commerce Video/TV Friday

December 6, 2013

ChannelAdvisor Scot Wingo By Scot Wingo

Today there were several very interesting business TV segments that covered eBay and Amazon trends I thought readers would like to see combined in one easy to find place. Unfortunately, because of the pre-roll ads, these guys do not allow embeds, so I link to them all for you for some fun e-commerce video watching excitement.

First, Gazelle’s CEO, Israel Gadot was on CNBC talking about their electronics trade-in concept.  This category has been white hot on eBay and Amazon this holiday.

Then Ajay Agrawal (Bain Capital, a Venture Capitalist) was on CNBC to talk about Amazon’s drone program (60 mins if you missed it) and he feels that it is 10yrs+ away and Amazon will be doing more with old fashioned trucks (Fresh).

Finally, Bloomberg TV West did an over one hour on-site report from eBay’s HQ in San Jose.  There were some great quotes from this piece that I tried to capture on twitter – especially around the reaction to Amazon’s drones (PrimeAir) mentioned above.

They don’t have the entire segment online, but they do have a whopping 10 videos from the segment I have put in order here:

  • Video 0 – Before the segment the hosts talked about eBay’s perception problem (auction site/flea market) and how they want to be like Amazon.
  • Video 1 – The first video provides eBay ‘by the numbers’ and is a good overview of eBay.
  • Video 2 – This video talks about eBay’s recruiting strategy and the fact they don’t have as many free perks as Google/FB.
  • Video 3 – Drones=Fantasy – In this segment, JD throws some mud at Amazon by calling drones fantasy and highlighting that eBay doesn’t compete with retailers like Amazon does.
  • Video 4 – The fourth video follows some eBay NOW valets as they pick up and deliver orders.
  • Video 5 – In this video, Bloomberg looks at some of the interesting off-line areas where PayPal is investing via their payments playground (faux retail storefronts that demo the concepts).  The digital walls are cool.
  • Video 6 – In this segment, Bloomberg covers what’s going on @ StubHub.
  • Video 7 – Paypal – This segment focuses in on PayPal as the future of the digital wallet.
  • Video 8 – eBay marketplace Holiday – in this segment Bloomberg interviewed Devin Wenig about the marketplace.  This one is a seller ‘must see’.
  • Video 9 – (phew told you there were a lot) – In this video the editors talk about eBay’s different lines of biz, user growth and what-not.

This blog post was written by Scot Wingo, CEO, ChannelAdvisor.