Day 3 of CyberFive, CyberSaturday, results for Holiday 2011

November 27, 2011

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This is the fifth update in our Holiday 2011 series. For details on the coverage plan and the seven themes we’ll be looking at, be sure to read this post first.

CyberSaturday is in the books and continued the trends we saw starting on Thanksgiving this year.  Last year on CyberSaturday/Sunday (the weekend after BlackFriday), we saw overall growth in e-commerce at 13%.  This year for Saturday we saw 20% – a robust acceleration.  It’s too early to tell if this data point is telling us that the entire holiday season will be more of a 20% grower, or it could be that the holiday is more front-end loaded.  We’ll have to wait until the first week or so of December to get a conclusion on that.

  • Overall E-commerce: was up 20.8% vs. last year’s 13%
  • Amazon continued it’s dominance amongst channels, coming in at 49.4%
  • Search grew a hearty 27.3%, continuing the acceleration that started on Thanksgiving
  • eBay came in at 12.3%, cooling a bit from the Thanksgiving/BlackFriday rates
  • CSE had another postive day, coming in at 4%

The update Holiday 2011 CyberFive tracker is here:


I had several requests for the 2010 results so folks could compare them.  Here is the 2010 CyberFive details for those that are interested.



Up next…The big kahuna!

Yep, tomorrow is CyberMonday, largely anticipated to be the biggest online shopping day of the year.   We’ll be reporting around 11am ET with an early read and then throughout the day.  Also, at 11, we’ll be posting a CyberSunday summary.  Finally, on Tuesday, we’ll have a wrap on the CyberFive and then several more updates as the holiday comes to a close.

For all you retailer readers, we hope that you have the best CyberMonday possible and that your servers all stay cool and your virtual shelves remain stocked you can capture 100% of the opportunity!

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