Confirmed: eBay is looking to dump Yahoo! for Google in the US.

September 18, 2009

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Late last night we theorised that it looked like eBay was ramping down traffic to Y! and up at Google in this post. Today, we have confirmation from three firms that have talked to both eBay and Yahoo! about the change.

James Mitchell at Goldman Sachs is out with a note that says:

Yahoo! has
confirmed that eBay is testing the use of Google to provide contextual
(search-driven) paid advertisements on eBay’s US site. Previously, Yahoo!
powered contextual and display advertising for eBay’s US site, while Google
powered advertising for eBay’s international sites. Yahoo! continues to provide
display advertising for eBay’s US site.



SeekingAlpha disclosure – I am long Amazon and Google.  I am CEO of ChannelAdvisor where eBay is an investor.