Clarification from eBay UK live blogging

April 2, 2009

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Earlier this week I live blogged eBay’s comments at our Catalyst UK conference (broader post on the UK ecommerce climate coming later today).  It ended up being in three parts:

  • Part I is here (Intro, recap)
  • Part II is here (09 plans)
  • Part III is here (Q+A)
While it was clear in the live presentation, in my live-blogging haste, it seems I wasn’t clear in the timeframe being discussed.  All of the data points that eBay presented were based on Q408 results and of course not some sneak peak into Q1 activity.
For example, in Part I, I had this bullet:
  • sell side.  Sold items are up 15% y/y, which is an acceleration from this time last year. 

That datapoint refers to Q4 results in the UK – according to Mark Lewis, they were up 15% from Q407.  Apologies to the eBay folks and anyone else that I may have confused by not clarifying that all performance data was based on Q408 data.

In Part I, I also mentioned that I would try and get a copy of the interesting “Online Business Index”.  This is a piece that eBay UK did based on a survey they did of their sellers.  I thought it was pretty interesting and it was well received by attendees.
Our customer (Dangleberry Music), informed me that it’s already online in a PDF so I was saved from doing some scanning.  You can download the report here. Even if you don’t sell directly in the UK, I’ve found it to be an interesting market to watch from a macro and micro perspective because frequently trends can be identified that work their way to the US sooner or later.
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