ChannelAdvisor SSS schedule for Holiday 2011 – The CyberFive!

November 21, 2011

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Here’s the schedule for this year’s ChannelAdvisor SSS data.   We’ll be posting to this blog (eBay Strategies), and tweeting ( our early read on the CyberFive (Five days from Tgiving-CyberMonday).

One thing that’s interesting to note is we have an extra day of shopping this year as Thanksgiving landed a day earlier than 2010.

  • Tuesday, November 22 – Our early read on November’s y/y trends MTD
  • Thursday, November 24 (Thanksgiving) – we’ll have an early read on Tgiving trends
  • Friday, November 25 (Black Friday) – We’ll have an early read on Black Friday trends
  • Saturday, November 26 (Cyber Saturday)– We’ll be releasing complete BF details.
  • Sunday, November 27 (Cyber Sunday)– We’ll be releasing CyberSaturday results.
  • Monday, November 28 (Cyber Monday)– We’ll be releasing CyberSunday results and have an early read on CyberMonday.
  • Tuesday, November 29 – We’ll be releasing complete CyberMonday and CyberFive updates
  • December 2 – We’ll release complete Nov10/Nov11 SSS results with colour
  • December 8 – A look at the first week of December
  • December 19 – Holiday wrap-up.

Additionally we’ll be speaking at a variety of Wall St. conference calls and will publish more details as those get closer.

7 Themes We are Watching for Holiday 2011

This year there’s more going on in e-commerce than ever before and we’ll be tracking 7 trends through the Holiday selling period:

  1. Macro-economic tends – It looks like the (not so) super committee experiment has failed, Europe continues to be in crisis mode.  Will these negative headlines impact the overall Holiday?  ChannelAdvisor is forecasting 17% y/y growth in e-commerce on top of last year’s similar results, so the bar is raised pretty high.
  2. Front-loaded holiday shopping – Last year, consumers shopped earlier than ever before.  CyberMonday was the record day and we saw purchases ramp much earlier – even before Thanksgiving.  Will that trend happen this year, will it accelerate?
  3. Discounting – Are retailers having to substantially discount to get sales this Holiday over least year?
  4. International (Europe and Asia) – As mentioned, all eyes are on Europe – we’ll be looking for any trends there and in the much healthier Asian markets.  ChannelAdvisor’s data is 20% international.
  5. Channel Trends – As usual, we’ll be closely monitoring each channel we track (eBay, Amazon, Search, CSE) and reporting on any moves there.  We’ll have some internal data for each as well (e.g. eBay fixed price vs. auction, p+a, etc.)
  6. Mobile – Last year, there was < 10% activity from Smartphones+Tablets.  Prior to Holiday, we’ve been tracking at ~6-8% usage of mobile devices.  Will that spike for the Holiday as people gorge on turkey and then engage in some Couch Commerce, or will mobile still be a ‘next year’ phenomena?
  7. Social – Over 2011, many large retailers have been really beefing up their fan bases. As you can see over on sister site facebookcommercestrategies – over 25 retailers have literally millions of fans. This year they are going to be doing a ton of interesting promotions to build loyalty and engagement with those fan bases. We’ll be following this very closely as well.


Stay tuned, the 30 days we in Retail work for all year are about to begin!

SeekingAlpha Disclosure – I am long Amazon and Google. Ebay is a shareholder in ChannelAdvisor where I am CEO.