ChannelAdvisor Same Store Sales (SSS) for September 2010

October 7, 2010

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Today we are releasing September data for Marketplaces (eBay/Amazon), Search and Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE) along with supplemental data.

September results

September showed continued strength in e-commerce. The results for each channel were as follows with some commentary:

  •  Amazon – Amazon came in at 56% down from August’s 62%.  Amazon continues to be very robust across most categories and the decrease is due to maturation of a large group of customers we added 18-24 months ago.  A very large cluster of customer is working through the 12month SSS blackout window and when they come out they will
  • eBay –  eBay continued the slide since April and came in slightly negative to flat at -.5%
  • CSE – Comparison Shopping Engines dipped a little (not big with the back-to-school categories) down to 3%
  • Search – Search accelerated again in September to 24.9%, up from August’s 19% 
  • Overall – Overall we see that e-commerce in September accelerated back to the mid to high teens.  Hopefully the consumer can remain optimistic as we head into Q4.  SSS Chart

The following chart details the SSS data for 2010 through September:


Supplemental data for Search and CSE

For search, we are providing y/y SSS data for the following datapoints:

  • Clicks – volume of clicks
  • Orders – Volume of orders
  • Cost – Overall cost for combined campaigns
  • CPC – Cost per click on average
  • CPC y/y SSS delta – the difference in CPC for Sept. 10 vs. Sept. 09 for SSS
  • CR – Conversion rate
  • CR change y/y – Sept. 10 vs. Sept. 09 for SSS
  • AOV – Average Order Value

The details are available in this table:


As you can see search was a mixed bag:


  • CPC was down slightly y/y at .34/click- CPC tends to receive a lot of attention and press, but is a small part of the search picture. (Slightly bad for google, good for retailers)


  • AOV improved to flat vs. down 10% last month – consumers are increasing their basket size nicely sequentially.
  • Clicks (essentially volume) were up 19%
  • Conversions were up 9%, indicating improved consumer mindset.
  • Together that yielded a bump in orders of 30%, a strong increase.

For CSE, we are providing y/y CSE conversion rates as a blend of all engines:


Here is the SSS release schedule for the rest of the year:

  • November 9
  • December 7
  • Increased frequency for the holiday period TBA

SeekingAlpha disclosure: I am long Google and Amazon.  eBay is an investor in ChannelAdvisor where I am CEO.