ChannelAdvisor Expanded Product Suite: Spring 2017

March 22, 2017

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There’s been a lot of buzz around the ChannelAdvisor offices lately — and with good reason. This week marks the launch of the biggest product update to our platform, ever.

You see, the e-commerce industry has been evolving at breakneck speed. The modern consumer’s buying journey had changed — drastically — and that means that brands and retailers need to optimize the steps along that journey to ensure that they’re reaching the people they need to reach at the right time that they need to reach them.

As competition in the e-commerce space heats up, brands and retailers are having to rely more on quality, complex, data-driven content in order to influence product discovery and capture their audiences. Pricing is becoming more important across channels as sellers compete to win the coveted “buy box” spot. Brands are making the decision to go direct-to-consumer. Fulfillment and logistics have been buzzwords ever since free 2-day shipping became a consumer expectation rather than an added bonus. The traditional “path to purchase” that we’ve become so comfortable with is being turned on its head as consumers shop across an array of channels.

So what did we do about it? We developed a suite of new products, updated some existing ones and, overall, engineered an expansion to our product offering that we feel is apt to help our customers optimize their e-commerce operations so that they can connect to more customers and grow their sales.


It’s worth saying again: Advertising and marketing efforts are increasingly dependent on quality content. That’s why we’re excited to launch Product Content Optimization, which is designed to help reduce the time spent on quality content creation and syndication and boost return on advertising spend (ROAS).

Save even more time by optimizing your fulfillment process with our enhanced Fulfillment Network, which now integrates with shipping label providers and fulfillment carriers, including Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime, FedEx, UPS and for USPS. And the Multiple Distribution Center connects sellers to a network of distribution centers, giving brands and retailers the freedom to fulfill orders the way they want.

As Amazon continues to capture the majority of the growing US market, it’s important for sellers on the marketplace to understand the competitive landscape that they’re up against, so they can optimize their strategies. The Competitive Environment Dashboard for Amazon provides sellers with a single, centralized dashboard that helps them identify the areas where they’re losing market share and where there might be opportunities for growth.  

And to make sure sellers have insight into their competition beyond Amazon, we’ve added Benchmarking for Jet, a series of customizable dashboards that allow sellers to compare growth to competing sellers, determine their relative strength on the marketplace as well as the individual product categories that they sell.

We can’t talk about optimizing without talking about pricing strategies. This spring, our suite of repricing tools comes full circle with the Algorithmic Repricer for eBay. In order to stay competitive and at the top of search results, sellers are required to effectively manage dynamic price changes. And this is no easy feat when you’re managing 100s or 1000s of SKUs. With our repricing technology, sellers can set their pricing strategy and let our algorithm do the rest. Best of all, this feature comes at no additional cost for ChannelAdvisor customers.


This year, Facebook dramatically increased its ad offerings by incorporating dynamic and carousel ads, allowing advertisers to create targeted ads based on users’ web activity, increasing potential reach. We’ve added support for these ad programs, so our customers can combine Facebook’s intent-based marketing capabilities with our powerful analytics and team of industry experts, resulting in intelligent recommendations that’ll help guide the creation and optimization of ads. How’s that for a performance boost?

What about offline sales? There’s a feature for that. Local Inventory Ads on Google allow advertisers to provide local shoppers with in-store product availability with the click of a button. Or the touch of a finger. Our technology combined with the know-how of our Managed Services team are helping our customers drive efficiencies and optimize product content.

Our team of experts is also equipped to manage all aspects of clients’ complex ad programs on Amazon with our new Marketing Services for Amazon program, which enables brands selling first-party (1P) on Amazon to drive awareness and sales via Sponsored Products, Headline Search Ads and Product Display Ads. Our team works with clients to understand their goals for the marketplace and develop a strategic plan.

We’ve also added new marketplaces like Pricefalls, Fruugo, Overstock and Tophatter to our Access ChannelAdvisor integration, connecting sellers to millions of new customers.


As more brands make the switch to selling first-party on Amazon, the challenge arose to find a manageable way to take control of their brand. Using our Product Content Optimization technology, our Managed Services team can now provide clients with Vendor Services for Amazon, helping brands optimize product data, manage merchandising opportunities and make those important strategic decisions that’ll drive growth.

Nowadays, consumers expect to have an “endless aisle” of product selection. Large retailers have leveraged the drop-shipping model to maintain a large product catalog without spending too much in inventory and warehousing fees. We’ve added Vendor drop ship support for Amazon, Jet and Overstock to help vendors streamline their fulfillment processes and, ultimately, ensure that customers have a consistently positive experience with retailers selling their products — especially after the purchase has been made. After all, it’s the customer experience that’ll determine whether or not those customers come back.

Phew. We know, that was a lot of information, but let’s not forget that this is the biggest product expansion in the history of ChannelAdvisor!

For a more in-depth overview of all of these exciting new changes to our platform, register for the Spring 2017 Expand Product Suite webinar, happening Wednesday, April 5 at 11 a.m. EDT/8 a.m. PDT.

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