ChannelAdvisor User Conference Now Part of Catalyst Americas

January 24, 2018

ChannelAdvisor ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

If you’re a ChannelAdvisor customer, and you haven’t yet experienced the ChannelAdvisor User Conference, this is the year to attend. You’ll not only get up close and personal with leading e-commerce advisors, but do it at a time when you can easily transition to the industry’s most valuable learning and networking event of the year.

That’s right — the ChannelAdvisor User Conference is now part of Catalyst Americas.

What does this mean for you? To begin with, it will help you maximize your travel budget by combining two great events into one. But even on its own, this year’s User Conference promises to be the best one yet.

Take a look at the infographic below for a snapshot of what you can expect, who will be attending and what previous attendees have said…

Not yet using ChannelAdvisor? There’s still time! Contact us today to learn how you can use the platform to supercharge your e-commerce growth.

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