Breakout II: Trust and Safety

January 29, 2008

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Special thanks to Haya@virtualexchange who took excellent notes in this panel, these are largely her notes augmented with what I heard from several sellers happened in the breakout.

Speaker: Matt Halprin (MH), VP Global TnS

Bad buyer experience becomes all of our problem.  Buyer top reasons for leaving:

  1. Bad experience
  2. Personal
  3. Pricing

Focuses eBay is taking to improve buyer experience:

  • Search
  • payment
  • Enforcement
  • Pricing incentives

Matt gave some history of the original and updated feedback system.

The theme of the new system is “seller accountability”.

As you heard, sellers can only leave positive FB and they re-itereated all of the other changes (90 to 60 days).

eBay says that shipping costs e-commerce are decreasing, the crowd is skeptical (I believe that MH is probably referencing programs like Amazon Prime).

Stricter measures worked around VERO issues.

The fraud changes they made caused a > 50% drop in fraud page views.

They are going to strengthen account security:

  • Phishing prevention
  • Require stronger passwords
  • strengthen forget-my-pw
  • Lock out dormant accounts

The yellow button issue is going to become a major issue again.  eBay will start to hide email address again.

Q: What do you do about feedback from a bidder who ends up not paying.
MH: eBay does not know when people don’t pay (editorial: ummm, ok?  This is somewhat wrong, I’ll get a clarification)

Q: Shipping – how does eBay validate excessive shipping?
MH: Buyers tell us what they think and they are usually right.

Q: Why aren’t buyers accountable for FB?
MH: eBay wants to get accurate feedback from buyers instead of sellers if they have to choose.  Reputation is an opinion.

Q: Why is neutral now a negative?
MH: Neutral is not positive.

That’s it, thanks again to Haya!!!