Big day for eBay today – Q1 results hit the street at 4:30…

April 16, 2008

ChannelAdvisor ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

Wall St. is anxiously awaiting eBay’s results from Q1 that will hit the wires at market close today. There’s tons of articles out summarizing the analyst’s thoughts on eBay so I won’t attempt to do that.  With the stock up 30%-ish this year, there’s a fair amount of good news baked in so it will be interesting to see if the results live up to those expectations.

Also, at ChannelAdvisor, we’ve seen an increase in GMV which trailed an increase in listings and CRs holding steady. We’ll be watching closely to see if this trend is widespread or isolated to our customer base.

The metrics to keep an eye on will be:

  • US GMV growth – This number is hard to get to because it’s usually wrapped in a global number that is squishy due to conversion rates.
  • Active user/growth – Are buyers coming back?
  • registered user/growth – Are buyers coming?
  • Listings – becoming less relevant, but an interesting metric to track.

Of course revenue and Paypal are important, but what everyone really wants to know is if the changes in the US business are having an impact or not.

We’ll report on the metrics once we’ve had time to digest and analyze.