Another Amazon pricing holiday study and our 2011 Holiday schedule

November 21, 2011

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Wall St. Analyst Doug Anmuth @ JPMorgan is out this am with another pricing report (we covered DB here).  Doug came up with a holiday basket of ~40 items that had this category mix:


They then ran those items through Amazon, Walmart, Bestbuy and B+N (Note: eBay was not a part of this comparison).  Their conclusion was that it’s essentially a two horse race (Amazon and Wal-mart) and Amazon is the winning horse:



Holiday 2011 trends and calendar

Based on all the pricing surveys, it looks like Amazon is set for a great Holiday 2011.  We’ll be tracking that trend as well as 7 other trends starting on Thanksgiving over on sister-site eBay Strategies.  You can see the 7 trends and detailed calendar here.


Everyone have a great Thanksgiving, and stay tuned as we report on what we’re seeing while you are eating Turkey and fighting for BlackFriday parking places.


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