Amazon expands mobile/iPhone capabilities.

June 19, 2009

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I haven’t seen this covered in the ecommerce World, but it is in the startup press.  Earlier this week, Amazon acquired the startup Snaptell.  Snaptell had a free app for the iPhone and Android that allowed you to take a picture of a random product, have it identified and then price shopped online.

The amount of the acquisition wasn’t disclosed, but snaptell had raised $4m so I suspect the valuation was at least 2x that if not more.
Amazon already has a great mobile app with a similar ‘remember’ feature.  In a WSJ piece, an Amazon spokesperson said:

Amazon will continue to “work in innovations in search technologies and enabling visual shopping on a range of mobile devices and platforms,” said a company spokeswoman. “It’s very early days for image recognition based search technology and we believe there is a lot of innovation in visual product search ahead of us.”


If you want to read/learn more here are some resources:

If you want to see snaptell in action, I found this Youtube video embedded after the SeekingAlpha blurb:

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