You Asked, We Answered: Algorithmic Repricer for Walmart

February 23, 2017

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Imagine having a proven tool that can help you maximize revenue and profitability — on weekends, nights or holidays. With ChannelAdvisor’s Algorithmic Repricer for Walmart, you have exactly that.

Our algorithmic repricing technology has one goal: to help you win the Buy Box or Best Offer position. As the competitive landscape of your listing changes, your price will be lowered to maximize your revenue and profitability.

On a marketplace like Walmart, having the competitive advantage of a repricing tool is especially important since competition is increasing at a rapid pace and the vast majority of sales is occurring in that top position.

Last month, we held a speedcast webinar all about our Algorithmic Repricer for Walmart and how it can help sellers beat out the growing competition. Below we answered the most frequently asked questions from the webinar:
How does your repricer work?

Our repricing technology uses machine learning and real-time analytics to help sellers maximize margin and win the Buy Box. Each of our repricers automatically adjusts prices to keep sellers in line with competition on marketplaces like Amazon, Jet and now, Walmart.


Will the repricer try and get me the highest price possible?

The Algorithmic Repricer for Walmart helps you win the best offer on a listing(s) at the highest possible price. Our goal is to win the order every time providing you allow us to do so by keeping the floor price as low as is needed. We’ll continue to revise pricing until we win the order or we reach your floor price at SKU level. This is a GMV-maximizing repricer with seller-specified safeguards in place.


Can you use the repricer to match prices for similar products?

No — the repricer based off of competition data for single, unique listings (based on GTIN).


Is there a repricer output field for Walmart? We’d like to compare the Amazon and Walmart output and send the lower of the two to all marketplaces.

The algorithmic repricers do not output their calculated pricing to attribute fields. Data can be monitored via the ‘Repricer Activity’ page in the ChannelAdvisor platform.


How quickly do the prices get pushed to Walmart?

Our pricing feeds are scheduled to run every hour to Walmart. Please consult our Strategy and Support Center for marketplace communication frequency.


With many SKUs, how can we specify min/max pricing for the different SKUs? Would this require a business rule?

Repricing is controlled at the SKU level, meaning that you can use attributes to store specific SKU values for both your minimum and maximum prices. Lookup Lists and/or Business Rules in the ChannelAdvisor platform can be utilized as well. If you need assistance with this, please reach out to our support team.


Does testing the repricer affect live SKUs?

Test mode does not change live SKUs. It only displays what the price would hypothetically change to if you were to use the repricer.


Are there any additional fees for using the repricer, or is this feature bundled with the standard subscription?

There are no additional fees to leverage any of our repricers.


Will the repricer work to reprice items already in a promotion?

Promotional pricing is not able to be repriced and will be sent to marketplaces exactly as defined in the template.


Still have questions? View the full on-demand recording of last month’s webinar for a deeper dive into how the Algorithmic Repricer for Walmart is helping sellers maximize revenue.

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