Why Rakuten.co.uk Should Be on Your Radar

November 6, 2015

Marketplaces Laura Lane By Laura Lane

Rakuten.co.uk, formerly Play.com, the UK’s third largest e-commerce marketplace, launched in October 2014 and offers merchants the opportunity to sell products in a wide variety of categories to an engaged UK audience, as well as potential access to a huge and lucrative international audience of over 15 million buyers. With over 41,000 merchants worldwide, Rakuten is consistently ranked among Forbes’ global “Top 20 Most Innovative Companies” and helps retailers scale their online presence whilst building their personal brand.

What You Need to Know

“Shopping is Entertainment!” is Rakuten’s tagline, and the company’s aim is to connect directly with consumers by building loyalty on factors other than just price. In a bid to give customers something different, Rakuten also offers their merchants the chance to run bespoke offers and promotions at any time to help grow sales volumes. There’s also a long-running loyalty scheme, the Super Points programme, where buyers collect five points for every £1 spent. One hundred points are worth £1, which can be used to buy anything on the site, with the cost of these points absorbed by Rakuten and not the merchant.

4 Benefits of Selling on Rakuten

  1. Rakuten was the first marketplace to offer sellers the option of customisable shopfronts, a great opportunity to get brand exposure. Sellers can customise their storefronts as much as they like, adding images and video and editing pages in HTML.
  2. Sellers can send newsletters directly to customers and create their own exclusive offers that they can then promote using their own email database (and delivered via Rakuten’s system).
  3. There are no listing fees on Rakuten. There’s simply a subscription fee that varies according to the plan selected (Starter, Advanced or Mega Monthly) and a sales commission that ranges from 5% to 15%, according to the plan and product category.
  4. Rakuten is keen to see sellers succeed, so there’s plenty of places to get help and advice. There’s a global knowledge-share network, the Rakuten Academy, which offers information via self-help guides and videos with topics such as setting up a store, presenting products and selling more effectively on the platform. Once you’re in the sign-up process, you’ll benefit from an on-boarding call where one of Rakuten’s Merchant Service Agents will guide you through the set-up of your store.

Getting Started

Setting up your store on Rakuten is an easy way to drive additional sales. To get started, fill out the form here.

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