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May 14, 2009

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On this blog we’ll be covering news, analysis and most importantly – selling strategies – all around Amazon’s seller business and related services.

We’ll be spending the bulk of our time talking about Amazon’s ProMerchant service (also known as Merchants@ or Amazon’s 3P) business and all of the strategies that have developed for that platform.  We’ll talk about how to own the buy-box, advanced pricing strategies, merchandising on Amazon and of course how the Amazon search engine works and how retailers can optimise for increased exposure.
But also, retailers are increasingly interested in Amazon services such as:
  • fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) – While you may have heard of FBA from the outsourced fulfilment angle, at ChannelAdvisor, we’re finding the killer app that is driving FBA adoption in reality is access to the Amazon Prime customers as well as SuperSaver free/discounted shipping promotions.
  • Product Ads –  With the ProductAds platform you can essentially treat Amazon like a comparison shopping engine.  This PPC program allows you to send a feed of products to Amazon where they are seen by buyers and then traffic is sent to your website.  This program is really getting traction and we have some case studies and best practices to share here.
  • Checkout By Amazon (CBA)-  While still a relatively new addition, retailers are watching this service and wondering where it fits in with options out there like PayPal, Google Checkout and of course credit-card merchant services.
  •  Webstore and ecommerce – Amazon’s webstore offering is an interesting way to leverage what you may already be doing on Amazon into an ecommerce platform.  The primary use-case is for those smaller merchants without an existing ecommerce site.
  •  Vitamin C –  Forrester’s Brian Walker has tweeting and tellilng the press about an Amazon effort he’s been briefedon called Vitamin C evidently internally at Amazon.  Brian suggests this is a mid-market ecommerce offering that is more independent of amazon than Webstore.
Phew, that’s a lot to cover, but if I missed anything – please let me know in comments and I’ll make sure it is on our radar.
Scot Wingo