Webinar next Tuesday (1/19) around the Y! Shopping / Y! Store/Pricegrabber controversy

January 15, 2010

Marketplaces ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

This is slightly off topic for all the eBay readers, but I know we have some Yahoo! store and Yahoo Shopping folks that read the blog so I wanted to let them know about a webinar we are doing next week.


One of the biggest benefits of a Y! store is the ease of use and some discounts to get into Y! Shopping (their Comparison Shopping Engine – CSE).  Y! sent out an announcement to all Y! Shopping and Y! store owners that they are effectively discontinuing Y! Shopping and replacing it with Pricegrabber.

This has created a whirlwind of confusion as there are several options, massive fee changes and Y! Store owners are super-fly upset in general.


ChannelAdvisor is hosting a free webinar for anyone interested (Most likely Y! Shopping retailers and Y! Store users – maybe some PriceGrabber users as you will be impacted as well).  We’ll dispel a lot of the misinformation out there, provide a good bit of data on what this means, and of course we have some strategy recommendations for all of the parties impacted.

The Webinar will be hosted by yours truly and David Harris, one of our resident CSE gurus.  It is Tuesday at 2pm and you can sign up here.  If you aren’t able to make that time we always record the webinars and put them up for replay within 24hrs of the original.  If you have any questions before the presentation, feel free to include them in comments.