Walmart Marketplace: Q&A Rapidfire

September 13, 2016

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In the e-commerce world, headlines change quickly. There’s always a new channel or latest feature grabbing attention and causing ripples in the retail world. But Walmart is different. Since revamping its marketplace in early 2016, the world’s largest retailer continues to take the e-commerce world by storm and stay at the forefront of everyone’s mind. It’s no surprise that online sellers are eager to jump on board.

Recently, Walmart and ChannelAdvisor joined forces for a heavily-attended webinar to discuss the selling opportunities available on Walmart Marketplace. Naturally, an hour wasn’t enough time, and you still had questions.

We compiled the most frequently asked questions and teamed up again with Walmart to answer them below:

Q: What are the fees associated with listing your products on Walmart’s Marketplace?

A: Fees vary by category, but you can find the full list of fees here. There are currently no annual, monthly or listing fees, although Walmart incurs standard credit card processing fees.

Q: What are the benefits of selling on Walmart compared to other marketplaces?

A: Selling on Walmart helps sellers tap into a customer base that is unique to Walmart and has the potential to supplement your current marketplace sales. Many sellers are using the massive customer base to scale their e-commerce efforts.

Q: Are there any restrictions on certain products or product categories?

A: Walmart keeps a running list of prohibited products here.

Q: How does Walmart handle sales tax?

A: It is a seller’s responsibility to remit sales tax to the applicable taxing authority. However, marketplace sellers have the option of having Walmart collect sales tax on the seller’s behalf. Using the partner tools, you can specify the state(s) and local jurisdictions where you have a tax remittance obligation. See the Marketplace Retailer Agreement and Tax Policy for more information.

Q:You mentioned API integration on the webinar. Is the API the only way to integrate to

A: Not at all! Sellers have the option to integrate via API, Bulk Upload (Excel) or via one of our partners such as ChannelAdvisor.

Q: What is Walmart’s shipping policy? Is it set by Walmart? How does ShippingPass work? Who are Walmart’s shipping/fulfillment partners?

A: Sellers have the opportunity to set their own shipping options in the Walmart Seller Central upon setup, including any global shipping options and/or item level shipping overrides.

At the moment, Walmart isn’t offering third-party logistics services, so ShippingPass is only available as a first-party service for the time being.

Q: What is Walmart’s return policy?

A: Sellers are permitted to set their own return policies.

Q: What’s the required GMV to be able to sell on Walmart? How do I sign up to sell on Walmart? Do you have to have a certain amount of SKUs or be a certain sized business?

A: Sellers are advised to request an invitation to apply to sell on the Walmart Marketplace. The seller selection criteria is confidential.

Q: Is Walmart’s marketplace available internationally or only domestic?

A: The current marketplace is only available domestically.

Q: Are there any brand restrictions? Are product bundles allowed on Walmart? Can we sell personalized items on Walmart?

A: There are currently no brand restrictions. Walmart is not able to support personalized products. Bundles are permitted in some cases by category.

Q: What kind of customer support is provided through Walmart?

A: Walmart is often the first line of support for customer service issues. In cases where there are product issues, the customer is referred to the seller for support.

Q: Does Walmart require all items to have UPC/GTIN codes?

A: UPC codes are currently required to list products on Walmart.

Q: Are retailers allowed to promote directly to customers buying via Walmart (i.e., via email)? Is that information available to retailers?

A: Remarketing is currently not allowed on

If you have any more questions about how you can reach millions of potential new customers on Walmart, drop us a line, we’re ready to help you tap into a marketplace that’s gaining ground, fast. If you want to be considered immediately for seller status, fill out the ChannelAdvisor Walmart Referral Form.

Miss the webinar? Watch it on demand here.

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