Walmart is Ready to Scale. Are You?

August 25, 2016

Marketplaces ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

It’s no secret that Walmart is going after the e-commerce space. A revamped marketplace, millions of new products through new third-party sellers and an acquisition of all point to a resurgent online strategy.

And early numbers are promising: Walmart reported a same-store sales growth of 1.6 percent in Q2, the largest since 2012.

These aren’t signs of the Walmart of the past. These are early indications of the Walmart of the future.

Why Sell on Walmart?

With over 80 million unique visitors every month, the new provides value to retailers and brands looking to expand their audience. Walmart has expanded its inventory by 7 million products in 2016 so far — for a total of 15 million — which means that a lot of third-party retailers and brands are taking advantage of the opportunity.

And Walmart is expanding across-the-board. Our internal data shows significant growth in most product categories, from Home/Kitchen to Consumer Electronics and Beauty.

Bottom line: Walmart is scaling at an incredible pace. Retailers and brands looking to scale have found the perfect opportunity — and the perfect time — to get on board.

But how do you get started? To be considered as a seller on Walmart Marketplace, fill out the ChannelAdvisor Walmart Referral Form. We’ll send your request to Walmart Marketplace within one business day.

Why Use ChannelAdvisor to Sell on Walmart?

To put it simply: We provide expert support for the professional seller looking to scale their online business.

We’re not the only solution provider out there. And admittedly, our robust platform isn’t for every business. But we’ve been around long enough to know what we’re doing, how to optimize your product data and how to get you results.

Our team has a long-standing partnership with Walmart, and we can help you avoid most potential problems through our years of experience, our proven platform and our ongoing relationships at Walmart.

1. We know the Walmart Marketplace. We were their first “advisors.”

ChannelAdvisor has been working closely with Walmart since 2012. We were the first solution provider to integrate with the marketplace and bring our third-party sellers on board. Because of that experience, our engineers are expert problem solvers when it comes to Walmart — we fix bugs before they become bugs.

Our engineers are constantly working through any potential errors with Walmart, and our customers are often the first beneficiaries because we’re spearheading the solution. You’re a priority from the start.

So instead of waiting for an item to go live, you’ll be focused on optimizing your product listings, sourcing new products and exploring new merchandising strategies. In short, you’ll be selling. 

2. Our platform was built to optimize listing and selling online.

Our platform has been around for 15 years and marketplaces are kinda our thing. We’ve been on the front lines of e-commerce since the beginning, constantly improving and innovating ways to help e-commerce sellers sell more and expand their strategies.

Our Marketplaces solution helps retailers and brands organize their product data in a centralized location, multitask on multiple marketplaces, manage orders and make informed decisions about their future strategies using actionable data.

And if your product data is already in our system, adding a new marketplace (or three or four) is a breeze.

If you’re a retailer or brand serious about scaling your e-commerce footprint alongside Walmart, email us at We’d love to talk to you about how to make that happen.

Think you’re ready now? Fill out the ChannelAdvisor Walmart Referral Form.

And when the next big marketplace comes along, we’ll be ready to take you there too.