VIDEO: apologies to Todd and MJ

June 21, 2008

Marketplaces ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

So I had three talks at eBay Live – one was how to scale your backoffice (warehouse and stuff) and another was around ‘choosing the right software solution for you’ that talked about the difference between eBay’s listing tools like seller manager pro, blackthorne,TL vs. CSPs like ChannelAdvisor and finally ’12 tips to increase your DSRs’.

The DSR talk is an internal ‘best practices’ we developed at ChannelAdvisor and use to help our customers work on their DSRs – specifically this usually focuses on the S+H cost DSR.

Due to being under the weather, I couldn’t make the DSR talk on Thursday at eBay Live so CA’s Michael Jones and eBay’s Todd Lutwak (head of seller scalability) were nice enough to fill in for me.

Well turned out I was throwing them to the lions as there was this dude in there that sat in the back of the room and evidently yelled expletives and stuff and then some lady jumped in and kept just telling MJ+TL they were liars.


To top it off, someone Flick’ed the guy and put it on YouTube and it’s been on Valleywag as well.  So I wanted to thank MJ and Todd for taking the heat on this one.  Had it been me in a feverish state, my strategy would probably have been to try and get as close to both instigators and do a Monty Python-inspired Projectile Vomiting on them.

In any case, if you see this guy in the clap tunnel, trip him for me: