Updates to Amazon’s Shoe and Handbag Category to Impact UK Retailers

March 4, 2013

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Recently Amazon announced an update to the category
requirements for shoe and handbag retailers in the UK. This update has added product
attributes and refinement that will help customers to narrow their search in
this category. Upgrading to the new product feed template will allow retailers
to use recommended browse nodes and product attributes that will improve the
customer search and browse experience and ultimately help customers find
products more easily on Amazon.co.uk.


What’s New?

  • Product Title Names should follow a standard
    format [Brand]+[Gender/Age Group]+[Product Line]+[Colour]+[Material*]+[Shoe
    Type]+[Size] (e.g. Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Work Space Blank Leather Heel
    6 UK”)
  • The new product feed template now requires
    sellers to use a single Item Type Keyword (ITK) for browse tree classification
    instead of a combination of multiple style keywords.
  • New attributes and refinements have been added,
    including heel height, shoe style, toe style, strap type and frame material to
    help customers narrow their search results. Replacing the “Department”
    refinement with actual browse nodes for Men’s/Woman’s/Boys/Girls/Baby

More Information

Please visit your
Amazon Seller Central page
Shoe, Handbag and Shoe Accessories FAQ.


Do I have to reload
my entire inventory?

Although not required, it is recommended that you move
existing product listings over to the new template in order to take advantage
of the enhanced browse and search refinements.

How can I test my
upgraded feed?

We recommend beginning transition as soon as possible to
allow time for testing and refinements. Begin by uploading only a few items as
you familiarise yourself with the new feed. To begin, create a copy of your
current feeds and templates. Using the ChannelAdvisor feed template and the new
template available on Amazon Seller Central, begin updating the new fields.
Create a label with a subset of your products and test for errors. Once you’re
happy, assign the new template to your active feed.

Your template will not automatically transition to new format,
so make sure you are aware of the changes required. Begin transitioning as soon
as possible to allow time for testing and refinement of your listings. Visit
Amazon Seller Central to download the updated inventory file template.

this transition occurred in the US last year, we hosted a webinar to guide
retailers through the process. You can download the slides and recording here: http://ow.ly/ijh5t 

The new Shoe template will be available in ChannelAdvisor with the 12th March release.