Two interesting Amazon resources

May 12, 2011

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I think it’s a coincidence, but yesterday two very interesting Amazon resources surfaced.


First, Bezos did a very rare interview/Q+A session with Consumer Reports that was excellent.  In the video he talks about the Amazon culture, third-party selling FBA, Kindle and topics we focus on here at Amazon Strategies all the time.  My favourite piece (almost at the very end) is how he charactierizes Amazon as an explorer and other businesses as conquerer (what does ‘target the customer mean?’)

I’ve embedded the video here, and feed readers can click here to see it. (The video quality is C- and freezes up, the audio is A+, so be patient)…

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Second, an EU consultancy, faberNovel has a good presentation that summarizes some of what makes Amazon so dominant.  Nothing really ‘new’ here, but some good stats and reminders of why Amazon is doing so well versus peers. I’ve embedded the slideshare here. There are two download options if you would prefer to download it vs. see online:

Here’s the embed, I hope everyone enjoys these two great sources of more info on Amazon. the Hidden Empire

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