Tips for Selling on eBay During Peak Seasons

December 20, 2017

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As seasonal shoppers spend more online than ever, many turn to eBay. This marketplace is investing heavily to attract buyers and should be a central part of any e-commerce company’s  sales strategy during peak seasons.

However, there is a catch: Consumers’ love affair with e-commerce may be fierce, but it’s also fickle: Loyalty is frequently switched to whichever seller can best meet immediate shopping needs.

That’s why it’s so critical to leverage eBay seller tools and all they have to offer.

Some 83% of eBay’s 168 million active shoppers come to the marketplace looking for deals, and Promotions Manager and Promoted Listings provide the leverage you need to help customers find the perfect gift amid your listings. These two selling tools have been proven to boost product sales and exposure by as much as 11% and 30%, respectively, for sellers who use them regularly.

We recently joined Shefali Singla and Adi Behara, eBay’s product marketing manager and senior manager of seller growth, for holiday selling tips. Here are the highlights from that seasonal sales webinar:

eBay Promotions Manager Tips

At a time when seasonal shoppers are actively seeking out deals, eBay Promotions Manager is a great way to add incentives to your listings.

This free (with a store subscription) tool is designed to help sellers create compelling offers that grab the attention of buyers and encourage them to spend more.

You can help ensure your listings will rise to the top by following these suggestions from Behara:

  • Reward buyers for stretching their wallets a little. For example, if you know your average order is $75 to $100, you might offer 10% off purchases of $125. This type of promotion works especially well since a bigger basket size typically means you’ll save on shipping: While a shopper may add two, three or four more items to an order, your fulfillment costs are not likely to change exponentially.
  • Let your promotions run for the duration of peak seasons. Many sellers are tempted to run limited-time offers, but this strategy is less effective during some peak seasons — particularly the end-of-year holidays — when different people make purchases at different times. By keeping your end date open, you can greatly increase your chances of a bigger overall sales boost.
  • Track results all season. Some promotions will perform well, some won’t. This is to be expected. What separates the most successful seasonal sellers is the frequency at which they measure, adjust and optimize. Every week or so, take a look at your high-performers to see what’s working well, then look for ways to apply your most successful deals to other listings.
  • Base incentives on what works best in your product category. As you optimize and adjust, keep in mind that categories often dictate which deals will be most appealing. A successful promotion for electronics will be different from a compelling promotion for shirts. Are most consumers likely to buy a second laptop? Probably not. But two or three more shirts in different colors and fabrics? Absolutely.

eBay Promoted Listings Tips

The Promoted Listings tool gets your listings front and center as holiday shoppers seek out specific products. And because you only pay when a sale is made, it’s low risk and cost-effective.

Promoted Listings are placed prominently throughout the eBay marketplace and follow shoppers throughout their buying journeys. Consumers will see them as they view search results, related items, order pages, “My eBay” and product review pages … to name just a few.

Singla recommends leveraging Promoted Listings in the following scenarios, based on detailed seller feedback and eBay data:

  • To increase visibility. Promoted Listings is an effective way to gain greater visibility for listings that aren’t getting enough impressions.
  • To boost best sellers. With Promoted Listings, you can ensure any hot items or seasonal products are seen in both organic search results and sponsored placements that help move inventory faster.
  • To sell excess inventory. Want to make room for new listings? Have some discontinued items and need to eliminate the excess? This is a great time to use Promoted Listings.
  • To promote price-locked items. If minimum advertised price (MAP) policies are keeping you from competing on price, try a Promoted Listing instead.

Ready to get started? ChannelAdvisor is deeply integrated with the eBay Marketplace, making it easy to set up, manage and optimize campaigns from within our centralized platform. You can get detailed tutorials and step-by-step instructions starting at minute 29 in our free eBay webinar: Tips and Trends for More Sales This Season.