The Cult of Prime – a must read!

January 10, 2012

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Long-time readers will know that I’ve been a huge fan of Prime since the day it was available on the consumer-side and also the merchant-side benefits.

Jason Calacanis (long time tech blogger, controversial figure, etc.) has a great blog post out that really captures the Prime mind-set in a fun, tongue in cheek kind of way.  His post is called: “The Cult of Amazon Prime” and it’s definitely recommended reading.

We’ve been doing some long-range planning at ChannelAdvisor and when you think about e-commerce in 2-3-4-5 years, we also start to say things like this:

In the future you’ll be eating Amazon-branded cereal after taking your Amazon-branded vitamins while getting a text message on your Amazon phone that you’re receiving delivery of your Amazon-branded flat-panel TV from an Amazon delivery truck (not UPS) before watching HBO and AMC-quality shows that Amazon made and are only available to Prime members. 

Stay tuned for a lot more Amazon posts this year, until then, make sure you are a Prime member!