The Amazon Seller’s Guide: Building Strategy, Building Sales

April 6, 2018

Marketplaces By Bradley Hearn

As an e-commerce seller, you know how vitally important it is to connect with consumers on Amazon. But those customers won’t buy from you until they can find you. Which means it’s not just enough to show up in Amazon’s search results — you have to own them. If only that were an easy feat to accomplish…

Fact is, many retailers and brands know very little about what it takes to show up in Amazon search results. But while the fight for visibility may seem like a never-ending battle, there are several things you can do to greatly improve your chances of claiming a top spot in more searches.

In March, Tristen Stawicki, one of our senior client strategy managers, hosted a webinar called The Definitive Amazon Seller’s Guide: A Strategy-Building Session.

Basically, your Amazon strategy should boil down to four key areas:

  • Improving your product listings — Follow the essential pillars for effective product listings, including titles, descriptions, bullet points, images and search terms.
  • Finding the right keyword combinations — Use trial and error to find what your potential customer is searching for and how they are finding your products.  
  • Increasing your chances for Buy Box wins — Maintain optimal seller metrics, eliminate negative feedback and maintain competitive pricing for the best shot at landing those coveted Buy Box spots.
  • Fine-tuning your advertising strategy — Leverage Sponsored Products and Headline Search ads to grow visibility on the highly competitive Amazon search results page.

Or check out a high-level summary of the presentation below:

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