Spring Release 2016: E-Commerce in Focus

April 19, 2016

Marketplaces ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

E-commerce is growing at an incredible rate. It’s getting more expansive, more competitive, more fragmented, more complex and more confusing every day. Google+-785x443

This expansion presents growing challenges for retailers and branded manufacturers: You have more
channels to worry about, more metrics to compare yourself against and more inventory to manage.

The key to your success will be leveraging innovative technology to zero in on the essential strategies for your business — and filter out the rest — from a single computer screen.

With the 2016 Spring Release, we’re bringing the expanding world of e-commerce back to your fingertips with data-driven insights, fulfillment tools, new channel integrations and more.

We’re bringing you E-Commerce in Focus.

Marketplaces in Focus.

  • Organize your Amazon efforts and make data-driven decisions with the predictive analytics in our revamped Amazon Insights
  • Create an inbound shipping plan and view vital stats, analytics and opportunities for growth with the FBA Inventory Management dashboard
  • Connect with new consumers by integrating your product line with Walmart, one of the world’s largest retailers

Digital Marketing in Focus.

  • Allow the data-driven insights of Digital Marketing Benchmarking to give you perspective on your performance, the performance of your competitors and your future direction for Google Shopping
  • Get strategic about the customers you target with Google RLSA and Customer Match

Branded Manufacturers in Focus.

  • Enable customers to find retailers with your products with new Buy Local functionality, as well as the new report center
  • Provide actionable insights about online assortment, merchandising and pricing with Product Intelligence

Don’t let the thought of e-commerce expansion cause you to lose focus on the details.

You need data-driven insights to make smarter decisions on marketplaces. You need better fulfillment tools to help you manage more inventory. And you need renewed perspective to make strategic decisions to outpace your competition.

It’s time to broaden the scope of your e-commerce vision while also bringing strategic execution back to your fingertips.

To learn more about the Spring Release — and how ChannelAdvisor can help you bring your e-commerce efforts in focus — download the eBook, sign up for the webinar or contact us today at 866-264-8594 or info@channeladvisor.com.