Sell-a-Bration time – eBay to unleash flurry of long-lasting listing promos!

August 28, 2007

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EbaysellerpartyeBay sellers tomorrow will have something to celebrate as eBay announced a mega listing promotion that appear to be an extension+enhancement of the recent free listing day (with gallery) that they announced on 8/14 as covered here.

From August 29-Sept 30th, sellers that use gallery, get FREE insertion for items under $9.99 (which is the same as the 8/14 promo, but for a much longer period).

Then for items over $9.99, if you use gallery you receive 25% off insertion fees. 

Promotion details live here (some caveats apply so read carefully).

This last point will be materially positive to most sellers because:

  • The ASP on eBay is about $50 so the < $9.99 price point isn’t that widespread (with the exception of media).
  • The < $9.99 promo actually costs more if you don’t use gallery already, which most don’t
  • (For these next bullets it maybe helpful to have the fee structure handy and remember that Gallery is a $.35 listing upgrade.)
  • Based on the fee structure anything in the $50+ tiers you will start to save money and once you get into the higher tiers you effectively close in on a 25% listing fee discount.  In the $45-50 you get gallery for a nickel so if seller’s aren’t already using it you you pay just a tad more.
  • For example, if you were listing a > $500 item before the promo you would pay $4.80 plus .35 for gallery or $5.15.  With the promo you would save 25% of $4.80 = $1.20 so you now pay $3.95 – an effective 23% discount (the gallery not being discounted accounts for the 2%).
  • This is really gravy because most sellers in the > $50 price range already take gallery whereas most in the < $9.99 range do not, so basically by doing nothing different the higher ASP sellers are going to pocket a substantial discount

What will be interesting to see is if this bumps ebay out of it’s listing woes (see chart below) or if sellers just pocket the extra $$

I asked eBay why they are doing such an aggressive promo and the answer was that they decided to do this a) based on the results of the 8/15 promo, and b) they have ongoing efforts to improve the buying experience and gallery improves it.

I used the opportunity to let eBay know the sentiments of most sellers I talk to that Gallery should be free (where else do you pay for a basic image thumbnail, or for that matter have a buyer experience that does NOT include thumbnails?!).