Retailer Spotlight: Crocs

February 26, 2016

Marketplaces Bradley Hearn By Bradley Hearn

Crocs E-Commerce Customer Success Story from ChannelAdvisor on Vimeo.


Crocs. You know ’em. You love ’em.

When the innovative shoe company started back in 2002, it was hard to imagine that its odd-looking and unique-feeling footwear would one day become a household name.

Think about it. You don’t even have to describe what Crocs are to people anymore. Its brand recognition is that strong. And it doesn’t even matter that the company’s product line has evolved into a wide variety of styles and colors. When you say “Crocs,” people just get it.

Crocs made its humble debut at a Fort Lauderdale boat show, where employees literally tossed the shoes at passersby — to get attention and also prove how light the shoes were. By the end of the show, they had sold every pair they brought.

Today, Crocs has sold more than 200 million pairs of shoes in more than 90 countries.

Crocs + ChannelAdvisor = Travel Buddies

When we met the Crocs team, they were looking for a partner to help them increase the brand’s presence on more global marketplaces and digital marketing channels.

By consolidating its inventory on the ChannelAdvisor platform, Crocs was able to leverage the efficiency and analytics of both ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces and ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing and continue the brand’s expansion online.

And the results have been amazing. Since joining ChannelAdvisor, Crocs has:

  • Expanded its business in more than 90 countries around the world
  • Significantly increased business in Japan and Australia
  • Made over $1 billion in annual revenue

We’re proud to work with a great company like Crocs and look forward to seeing just how far these light, funky and iconic shoes can travel in the years to come.

For more details about how Crocs successfully scaled its brand abroad, check out its Customer Success page or download the full Crocs case study.