Proof that eBay is listening (and acting) – fixes Neutrals and MFW!

July 10, 2008

Marketplaces ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

At eBay Live, Lorrie Norrington implored sellers to give eBay time to make the changes necessary to improve the marketplace.

Today is the first big announcement since eBay Live around more changes.

1. eBay is reversing their decision to make Neutrals, in effect Negatives. This will take place in late August (retroactively in time), and in the limbo between now and then, eBay has committed to not taking action on anyone due to neutral impact (e.g. losing PS status because neuts=negs).

2. At eBay Live, Lorrie promised that Mutual Feedback Withdrawal (MFW) and now they are saying it will be out in October (just in time for the holiday selling season – gulp).

These both make a ton of sense and are high on the list of “Changes ChannelAdvisor has asked eBay to make” that we covered in our recent webinar (although we take no credit on the change, it’s very widespread amongst the seller base of course).

The nice thing about MFW is very frequently on the eBay platform as a seller you don’t know the buyer has had a bad experience until a neut/neg is left for you.  Of course, great sellers fix the problem and turn that unhappy buyer into a happy one.  Without a MFW plus the increase in costs of selling on eBay, we’ve been seeing some sellers argue, “why should I try and turn around neg/neutrals, I can’t get the feedback changed anyway.”

By re-introducing MFW, it will reward those sellers that are taking the time and effort to turn around those bad experiences.

Details on “MFW 2.0” are a little sketchy in the announcement, so we’ll have to watch how this gets implemented.  The only hint in the post is that: “our new process will enable buyers to change
their feedback of the seller, not just withdraw the rating.”. With the Oct. timeframe, my fingers are crossed that its solid so we don’t have any eBay gremlins in Nov/Dec.