No More Blackthorne: So What’s Next?

February 17, 2014

Marketplaces Jenny Hock By Jenny Hock

In about six weeks, eBay will end technical support for Blackthorne, a desktop software solution that helped retailers sell on the marketplace. Owned by eBay since 1999, Blackthorne found a niche among sellers uploading large quantities of listings at once.

Because of our loBlackthornengstanding relationship with eBay, we’ve been doing some work behind the scenes to make sure that Blackthorne customers can easily transition to the ChannelAdvisor platform. We know it’s hard to move away from a solution you’re comfortable using, and we realise that any new system involves a learning curve. But if you’re curious to find out what a switch to ChannelAdvisor would mean for your business, read on.

1. A secure and trusted network

Not only will you get all the features you had with Blackthorne (plus many more), but you’ll also be investing in a secure, feature-rich cloud-based platform and a knowledgeable network of staff, partners and resources. As an online retailer, your most important asset is your product data — and we’ll both keep it safe and optimise it for growth. Our bulk editing and automatic listing-revision features will save you time that you can put toward growing your business. And with your inventory information synced in our cloud, you’ll save yourself the worry of overselling — or losing your data.

2. Expansion to more online channels

You’ve been selling on eBay, and we can help you expand there. But have you ever toyed with the idea of selling on other marketplaces, like Amazon, Sears or Newegg? Because our platform runs on a single data feed, once your inventory information is in our cloud, you can easily sync it with additional e-commerce channels, including your own webstore. Even if you’re not ready to expand immediately, knowing that it’s an option down the line can inform your long-term strategy now.

3. Advanced reporting and analytics

With our eBay 360 Dashboard feature, you’ll be able to keep track of your overall GMV, top-selling products, items that need to be shipped, Detailed Seller Rating (DSR) information and customer feedback. In addition, we can help you make sense of any listing errors with efficient listing management and give you a bird’s-eye view of all your open listings. Once your items are listed, ChannelAdvisor’s Actionable Retail Insights feature will allow you to identify opportunities to optimise your listings with recommendations on item specifics, suggested eBay categories and many more. With information like this, you’ll be able to make well-informed, data-based decisions for your company.

4. Global engineering and support teams

As an eBay seller, you probably know how often eBay introduces new features and requirements. It can be hard to keep up with. But we can take that off your plate, too. Our global engineering team responds quickly to (and often pre-empts) changes that eBay and other online channels roll out. You’ll also reap the benefits of an award-winning customer support team who will answer your questions, even in the middle of the night. And, if you haven’t figured it out by now: we’re also kind of geeky about e-commerce. We’re always looking to explore the most promising new channels worldwide and share tips, news and strategies with you.

5. An eye on the details

Sure, we’ll help you with the big stuff — like making sure your product information is up to date and preventing duplicate listings. But we’ll also help you manage and automate the details, the tedious work that can take up so much of your time. Our platform makes it easy to create variations and manage custom item specifics on eBay. And the automatic item specifics feature means that you don’t need to map item specifics on your own. Best of all, if you’re selling on eBay and other channels, we’ll take care of syncing inventory and order information across all of them.

If you’re a Blackthorne user interested in learning more about ChannelAdvisor, we’re offering some incentives to make sure your transition goes smoothly. Contact a ChannelAdvisor representative to find out more.


Blog post by Jenny Hock, ChannelAdvisor product manager.