New white paper – eBay Spring Changes Analysis and Recommendations

April 23, 2009

Marketplaces ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

At ChannelAdvisor, we’ve been diligently studying the Spring Changes that eBay announced last week and talking to both sellers and eBay for more information.  Since we have Catalyst next week we aren’t able to do our customary webinar so we decided to get the information out in the form of a detailed white-paper that you can find here.

What we’ve done int he white paper is try to give everyone a jump on the changes that will come mid-June with some actionable things you can (and should) start doing now.  I think the biggest change is multi-sku/variations and I’m excited to announce that in partnership with eBay at Catalyst they will be showing the feature live for sellers in their QA environment before it hits the live site. I saw a sneak peek of this and I think of all the features in the last 18 months it has the potential to have the most impact (positive for those that adopt and negative for those that don’t) on sellers and of course the buying experience.
We’ll have more on multi-sku here after Catalyst, but this whitepaper has the next chunk of information and some thoughts on how to prepare for multi-sku today.  Also if you are using the eBay selling tools (turbolister, blackthorne, seller manager, etc.) you will want to really think about the implications of multi-sku and how you use those tools today.  More details are available in the white paper.