Live blogging from eBay Live keynote IV

June 20, 2008

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(Lorrie continuing)

Buyer protection

Paypal rocks!  If a buyer pays with paypal for “eligible ebay transactions”**** you are covered!

Lorrie then summarized the changes she rolled out.

Lorrie then concluded with a story about how she sold some shoes to someone in France.

Then Lorrie had the eBay folks give a round of applause to everyone for what they do.

Then they showed a recycled

Community hall of fame

This was a video about danna who is an eBay educational specialist and all around community person.  She’s an ebook seller (didn’t they cancel all that?) 9k feedback, 4.9+ DSRs. sells about 50 items/month – GMV is about $1k/m.

(JD back on stage, did a little skit with Lorrie about their height difference)

In addition to the hall of fame award, the ebay foundation makes a $2500 donation to a charity of their choice.

Givingworks – has raised over $150m for charities to date (this is awesome, ChannelAdvisor supports GW).

Community Hall of Fame Awards:

1. danna
2. snowdealsnow – currently not selling anything. 4.6 S+H DSR
3. unclejoeadamson – 4.3 on shipping time – won’t qualify to be powerseller
4. kathiesklown1970 – 4.7 S+H DSR
5. shoemetro (ChannelAdvisor customer – congrats David!!) – 4.5 S+H DSR, they are a big Givingworks participant.

Wrapped – more later, heading to my 10:30 ‘how to scale your biz’ talk – should be interesting, I’m hearing that the individual sessions are getting pretty nasty.