Live blogging from eBay Live keynote III

June 20, 2008

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(continuing with Lorrie)

Making Buyers Happy – DSRS

In Jan announced changes to reward high DSRS.  All sellers would receive better visibility in search.  Powersellers with DSRs above a certain level would receive discounts.  This was about giving sellers incentives to increase their customer service levels.

When we first announced the incentives we knew that 60% of powersellers had DSRs  over 4.6^67% now have DSRs of 4.6 or greater.

15% had DSRs of 4.8 and above, today 33% have DSRs of 4.8 or greater

We more than doubled the number of our best sellers!

Buyers are happier and are buying more.

Powerseller program

In addition to the discounts, they are rolling out more perks to Powersellers.  In July invoices, 20% discount on FVF for 4.9+ DSRs on all DSRs.  16% of all powersellers qualify for this new tier.

For all Powersellers, UPS is offering a 23% UPS discount for powersellers (not a big deal IMO, any large seller worth their salt can do better than this).

For Buyers…. (couponing)

  • Improving the search experience, giving top buyers a reason to come back
  • In May started sending coupons to top buyers
  • Buyers that redeem a coupon, buy more frequently and more
  • These are ideal buyers – the ones that every seller wants
  • On track to deliver millions of coupons, and even more during holidays

Live customer phone support for top buyers coming soon too.

Back to sellers….

Our fee structure is critical to your success and the quality of items on eBay.  We aim to be the most competitive marketplace on the web for sellers.

In Jan we announced that we were going to move to success-based pricing.  It’s working, we’ve seen an increase in volume.  Between now and the Holiday season we’ll do more to ensure your success and make sure we’re competitive in every category.

To be clear we want great products on eBay.

(Did a buyer video – Holy Still – hstill from Menlo Park)  She’s a collectible buyer and ronically probably is primarily an auction buyer so this didn’t really jive with the whole fixed-price thing.  Holy has purchased 24 things in the last 6 months.

Retaliatory feedback

We got rid of the ability to leave negatives for buyers (strong audience boos and jeers throughout this part)

Buyers told us this was the number one reason they were leaving.

I know this was painful and wanted to update you.

  • Repeat feedback has been a homerun
  • Many of you feared that buyers would leave tons of negative feedback – but the combined neg/neut rate is unchanged
  • Buyers are leaving DSRs 76% of the time now (no reference to what it was before)
  • Buyers now have more trust in eBay

Looking at a new feedback withdrawal mechanism to encourage buyers and sellers to resolve issues on their own.  Our goal is to fix this by the holidays.  At the T+S session we want to gather your input and see how you feel.