Live blogging from eBay Live keynote II

June 20, 2008

Marketplaces ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

Lorrie Norrington took the stage

Goal of eBay live:

  • Help buyers learn abbout great deals
  • Help sellers optimise their sales
  • FUN!!

Talked about her dog Lucy and how she buys dog art from this seller good-dog-jack (100% positive, 5.0 DSRs across the board, but sells 10 things/month on avg)

Lorrie started talking about the changes to the eBay Marketplace.

All the changes geared towards two things:
1. tremeneous opps for sellers
2. making buyers happy

Things that make ebay work:
1. you
2. your stuff
3. our community

Our goal is to strengthen all three of these areas.  Changes aren’t always easy, but why we’re doing it, makes sense.

Our shared challenge is a great buying experience.

* Buyers want good experiences
* Sellers want good buyers

What we want

  • To be a source of delight for buyers
  • to be a source of growth for sellers
  • trust on

Lorrie is personally committed to doing what’s right for the health of the marketplace.

What we’re doing for you….
Since Jan we started calling both buyers and sellers customers.  It was a big change, but important. Today, I’m excited to announce that we will improve the experience for sellers.

Starting this fall, eBay and Paypal will roll out improvements to seller protection.  Now offering the powerseller-level to all sellers at no additional charge.  More details at the PayPal booth.  Whenever PP is used for your ebay sales, your eligible transactions*** are covered. (the stars are my editorial insertion).  No cap on itme sold, every address is confirmed and covers shipments to all 190 paypal countries.