Live Blogging from 2013 Catalyst Americas: Amazon Fireside Chat (Part I)

April 30, 2013

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Speaker: Scot Wingo, CEO of ChannelAdvisor and Sebastian Gunningham, Senior Vice
President of Seller Services at Amazon

Title: Fireside chat with

Welcome to day two of Catalyst Americas! We’ve got
a great agenda lined up today and we’re kicking that off with a fireside chat
between Scot Wingo and Sebastian Gunningham.

Being Competitive: Scot kicked off the
session asking Sebastian about third-party growth on Amazon and the perception
that retailers are competing against Amazon when selling on this channel. Sebastian
started off by discussing that Amazon is intent on making it an equal playing
field between first party and third party sales. By offering access to the Buy
Box, Prime and pricing information, retailers are empowered to be competitive on
the channel. Scot pointed out that consumers love the price comparison aspect
of Amazon as it reassures them of the best deal or package throughout the
buying process.

Sebastian said that best way to be competitive on
the internet is to be on Amazon as you have access to the customers, the price
comparison and the mobile empowered site

Customer Service: When discussing
Amazon’s customer support, Sebastian said that retailers should specify in
their communications if they would like to talk to a support person, but they
have also found that retailers like to self-educate and self-resolve issues
they may have.

Amazon catalogueueue: Everyone loses if
the product details aren’t right in Amazon product listings. An inaccurate
listing will lead to a disappointed customer and a poor seller experience.
Sebastian said that Amazon are continuing to work on locking down accurate
ASINs and told manufacturer that anyone who has an authority over an ASIN can
contact Amazon to lock that ASIN detail. If you’re a retailer and are having
difficulties with a particular ASIN, either contact Amazon to flag that detail
or contact the manufacturer and have them lock the detail with Amazon.

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