Live blogging eBay at V

September 23, 2009

Marketplaces ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

Q: So is paypal your growth engine going forward? 

A: What we do is find pain points and solve pains via 3rd parties like ChannelAdvisor or our reetailers.
Q: Tell us more about global
A: If a retailer is looking to expand globally – take Paypal – we are in 100 countries and all currencies.  Second, sell on eBay it’s 20% CBT.  Each market is a little different.
Q: Do you regret Skype?
A: Nope
Q: How do you drive change at a large co?
A:  Core values – We used to think auction was a religion.  Then when talked to buyers, turned out they didn’t care as much.  The key themes we are driving is we need to be more customer focused.  I do a weekly video blog internally.  John demonstrates how he takes a video and puts it up on eBay.  On a scale of 1-10 they’ve gone from 2-4 – excited double, but need to get closer to 10.
Q: I’m Dave from Kohler – on PayPal.  Have you heard of They protect my entire identity.  What’s your reaction to that.
A:  There are two parts of payments – the infrastructure.  How do you allow the safe movement of money.  PayPal is the only one.  That intersection is tough.  We have a 10yr head start.  All that’s being shared is your email and shipping address.  If I take my example earlier of Twitpay – that’s an example of an innovation that we can embrace like this shopshield.
Q: From a stock analyst – Colin Sebastian – If you separated the businesses would that be better? Are things stabilizing?
A: We see stabilization.  We saw a huge decline from august to mid-feb and flattened out across all our properties. In late June we saw a step up and it has held.  I’m cautiously optimistic about this holiday season – no huge V shaped recoveries. On PayPal, IF they ever aren’t aligned with us, we would look at it.
Q: (last one!) – Albert at – one of the roadblocks we have is authentication.  Can you help me create a video? (did video) what kind of authentication can paypal offer?
A: the buyer should be protected